Thursday, February 7, 2008

Snow Babies

The first lambs of the season were born a week ago today. Their mama, Salty, had them cleaned off, dry, and well-cared for by the time we found them, but the little family still went into a warm, dry barn stall for several days in order to make sure Salty got a little extra feed since she is such a heavy milker. This is Salty's second set of lambs, she also had twins last year as a yearling and cared for them just as well. This set are both ewe lambs, so they will be helping to increase the flock. Papa is black, one lamb looks like Dad and one like Mom. We haven't decided on names yet. I was considering something to go along with Mom's name. Cracker, Tater and Chip, Saucy, etc. Peanut and Pretzel . . .??? Any ideas?

Salty was raised on a bottle and worked as a therapy lamb in a center where horseback and animal therapy was given to kids with disabilities, so she is one of the most gentle ewes in the flock. She also loved playing a part in our church's Living Nativity this past Christmas. She absolutely loves to have her head scratched!

Gosh, Mama, what is this cold white stuff? If we stand real still, maybe it will go away!!!

One of the Ladies in Waiting. Seems the calves are popping out fast and furious now and that first lone calf has a whole gang to play with now!

Thanks for stopping by. Until next time, may you be blessed with the sparkle of new beginings.


LEArning4Him: Lea Family Homeschool said...


Wow, baby cows and lambs! I do miss the farm life. Thanks for your updates.


Melissa Lea

Nancy said...

Oh those babies are so adorable. I really enjoy seeing pictures of your farm and animals. Keep em coming.

Melissa said...

Oh... I miss the lambs! It was always so fun to watch the kids bottle feed those lambs... and Jake LOVED it! :) Sigh... let's see... names for those cute little lambs... what about Fish and Chips :) I know, Fish isn't really salty...I'll have to ask the kids if they have any ideas!

Mary said...


Love your photos. The lamb twins are so cute and I love the names cracker and peanut. They go right along with Salty.

The farm where the boys go for their animal therapy just got rid of most of the goats there and are starting another herd. They still have the sheep, William, Rosie and baby Matthew. They are also cutting the horse herd and weeding out all the horses except the Heflingers. The boys were quite disappointed that the animals were being sold off to be replaced.

Thanks for sharing the farm. I enjoyed my visit, as always. Please stop by my blog and enter my Easter giveaway.


Paula said...

AH! Aren't they just the cutest little things. I want to hug them and kiss them and name them George. (I guess George doesn't really go along with Salty tho huh?!) What sweet babies. You could go the other way and name them Sugar and Spice...

Melissa said...

Spencer says the black one could be Pepper and the white one Sugar - he's going with a flavor theme :)
Emma would call the black on Shadey and the white one Padey - she says that Padey means "to have a lamb with a name". I love 4 year olds!