Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Mother's Love

Spring is here! Lambs are popping out all over, there are large gangs of calves rumbling through the pastures, the robins are back and meadowlarks are singing. We have even had two sets of triplet lambs so far. This baby is the smallest of the first set of triplets. Her brother and sister were obviously getting the majority of the nutrition before birth. But this little girl is a fighter. She is already catching up with her siblings. Her mama, Ivory, is only a yearling, so this is her first time as a mom, but she loves all three of her babies and is a very good mother. Today was this little family's first time out of the barn and it seems you could see them growing like little weeds in the sunshine. Ivory kept a close eye on all three babies while they were in the barn lot and did not let them stray far from each other.
I have not had a yearling ewe have triplets before. If any of you have first hand knowledge of yearlings having more than twins, I would be curious to hear your story. This ewe, Ivory, was born here in December of 2006 and is out of Jordan's oldest ewe, Becky, who is four now and the matriarch of the flock. Ivory's twin sister, Ebony, should be lambing any day, so we will see what she has been hiding in her large frame.

Umtil next time, may you be warmed by the blessing of a little love in your day!


Jeni said...

I've been reading your blog since Paula pointed me in this direction and have to tell you I really enjoy your stories and pictures about your life with the lambs!

Susan said...


Thanks so much for your comments. Whenever I feel too busy or tired to write another post, I remember all the sweet comments left by my blogging friends. Blogging is quite therapeutic, so thank you for providing an audience.


Melissa said...

The kids finally gave name suggestions for the lambs :) I love looking at the pictures of the lambs... it makes me homesick though!

Paula said...

Ah! That top picture is the sweetest ever!! Nope, don't recall any of my yearlings ever having triplets. Actually I think the only ewe that ever did was Anna, who did every year and NEVER took care of any of her babies. She wasn't a yearling when we got her so I don't know if she had triplets her first year or not. She was Bambi's mama. Do you remember her?

Anonymous said...

Very cute picture of mama and baby
Susan. Enjoyed your blog.


Adrienne said...

Susan -
Thank you for the pictures of the lambs. I love it when the lambs arrive. It lets me know Spring is just peeking around the corner. They are so cute and such fun to watch at play. I'll be back to look in and see what you have to share. ~Adrienne~

tramadol said...
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Stacey said...

What a great picture of the Mom & baby!!! So sweet!!!

Mary said...

I love the photo of ivory with the little black and white lambs. They are precious. Thanks so much for sharing.


Happy Zombie said...

Hi Susan! I'm a friend of Paula's. And a neighbor of hers too. Well, almost neighbors - there's a bay between us. Yeah... I'm THAT FRIEND... the one who babbles. And yeah... it's the same thing I wrote on Stacey's blog.

Susan... Stacey... Paula. Hmmm. I think I'm going to start calling Paula... Saula!

I love the mama and her baby. That photo is priceless!