Sunday, February 7, 2010

Goat Adventures

Here is the newest addition to the farm critters.  We had a family adventure to go pick him up outside Athena, Oregon, about an hour away from the house.  It was supposed to be a relatively quick trip, but after the keys being locked inside the pickup and waiting for a locksmith to rescue us, it ended up being a rather late night.  Gotta love these kinds of adventures!
This pretty goat was given to me as he was too small for the market shipment last fall and now needed to be removed from the doe pen before they begin having their new crop of babies.  I agreed to bring him home as my pet goat has been very lonely since his brother died serveral months ago.  I figured if this guy wasn't friendly and did not have the makings of a pet, he could always continue on toward his original fate as a meat goat. 
We brought him home last night, so figured on keeping him in the barn with the other goat for several days until he got his bearings and was comforatable in his new home.  He had been around people, but never really had much handling, so I expected to put in some time with him before he started liking people.  First thing this morning, Ethan and Eida ran over to the barn lot to see the new addition and he took right to them, even chasing Eida around the pen as if she were a playmate, bucking and kicking.  He loved her even more after several handfuls of grain.  After the kids left, every time I went outside, this new guy had his head through the gate rails, calling to me, begging me to come over.  He is not quite sure he wants to be scratched and petted, just wanted me close by, then was content.

Because he seemed to have bonded well both to myself and the other goat, I tried taking him out of the barn lot.  He stayed close to me, so we headed off on my regular evening walk.  He stuck right beside me the entire way, as if he had been taking walks with us forever.  The little brown goat, Snickers, is definately the boss, butting and biting if the new goat tried to get between myself and Snickers or jumped on a log to be king of the mountain, a major breach of goat conduct! 
So, it looks like this youngster may have the personality needed to save him from becoming barbeque.  He may even fit in well with some of the public events our animals attend in the community such as petting zoos and Living Nativity.  Lucky little guy!
Any good name ideas?  I was thinking of sticking with the sweet theme as the brown goat is Snickers and this guy is kind of a backward Oreo coloring.  He is a French Alpine breed, so maybe something French??  All suggestions will be appreciated!!
Until next time, may your attitude surround you with sweetness and keep you out of the stew pot!