Sunday, January 11, 2009


It has been difficult to get a good shot of the lambs as Salty is such a friendly mama and will be sniffing the camera before I can get it focused and clicked. She is really always looking for a handout and hoping I may be bringing her some treats! Here I caught her snuggling with her kids before she jumped up and came over for a scratch on the head. If you look closely, you can see just a bit of the black lamb laying right bihind her. He is snuggled up as close as he can get and the white lamb had been doing the same on her front side. They are growing like bad weeds and begining to play king of the mountain on the hill inside the sheep pen, jumping and twisting in the air on their way back to mama. So far they are still the only babies, but it looks as if there will be more soon.
I wanted to draw charcoal portraits of the kids for Christmas, and here are how they turned out. This one is of Taylor giving KP a well-deserved look. I named it "Uh-Huh". I intentionally left KP only sketched and did not fill in detail on him, so he is a bit hard to make out in this picture I took of the framed drawing. In the original, you can tell by the tilt of his head, he is trying to be sorry for whatever it is he has done now. Get him, Taylor!

This is KP and Roland and I named it "My Way" as they each have an opinion on which way to go, and they are definatly not the same way! I think KP won as he appears to have the more determined look, but Roland is giving his opinion on the matter through his body language.

Jordan and Sebastian were coming to "An Understanding" here. Jordan is just cracking the whip as he asks Sebastian to begin moving into a circular lunge pattern. Sebastian is not sure he wants to comply and is giving Jordan the eye, but Jordan is standing tall and will only increase his request should Sebastian balk.

I was pleased with the outcomes of the drawings and made them into notecards, along with the drawing I did in 2007 of the barn which I am using as the logo for my PawleyFarm site. I think I will name this notecard set 'Lessons' as Roland, Sebastian, and KP are all learning in these portraits and old barns always have lessons to teach if only we are quiet and listen. I will offer them on both the PawleyFarm site and my Etsy shop, which will be the most public I have ever gone with my drawings. A bit scary, but a bit more exciting! Taking the time to draw before Christmas made me realize how much a part of my soul that creative process is. Drawing is one of those activities where I am totally unaware of the passage of time. I don't even think about eating while in the midst of the thousands of decisions about where to put the next mark, how light, how dark to make it . . . . It can be enough to drive a body mad! Don't worry, I plan to keep both my ears attached to my head!!

Until next time, may you be blessed with a pursuit in which time flies in swift, sweet enjoyment and may you be sent the gift of time enough for this life-giving nourishment to feed your soul brimming full to the top.