Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Snowy Woolies

It began raining Sunday morning, changing to snow by mid-morning and snowing heavily all day and into the night. On the Sunday afternoon chore run, Jordan discovered a leak in the stock tank and attempted to fix it. We had a week of cold temperatures before the snow, with lows getting down to between 5 and 9 degrees above zero. Even though there is a heater in the stock tank, those cold temperatures tend to be hard on the watering systems. Hopefully Jordan got it under control and the small pond in the sheep pen will dry up now.

Most of the sheep have been raised from lambs and follow Jordan whenever they can. They are watching him as he began working on the tank. Sheep are well suited for cold weather and even though they have shelter to get out of the rain and snow, they prefer to stay out in the open. They also tend to enjoy eating snow when it is available instead of drinking from the free flowing water source Jordan has worked so hard to keep in working order! Shhh - listen. Do you hear a soft chuckling as they watch Jordan work in that freezing cold water?!

Marvin seems oblivious to the snow piling up on his back, head, and ears. He came under the shed only long enough to eat a few bites of hay, then was back out into the swirling flakes. I feel the same way, having a really hard time staying indoors for long when the soft crystals call.

Until next time, may dancing with the flakes warm your soul.


Melissa said...

At least it keeps Jordan busy... maybe the sheep are breaking the water tanks so that Jordan will come out and keep them company :)

Nancy said...

Man that looks beautiful and cold! Maybe the sheep just want to be entertained?

Paula said...

Love the barn picture under all that white stuff~ Keep my Jordan warm now. I think some Manly Tea is in order!

Mary said...


I enjoyed all of your photos, but especially love the one of the barn. It certainly has character.

The sheep at the farm where I take my grandsons also like being out in all types of weather. Of course they have the fleece to keep them snug and warm.

Thanks so much for sharing. Have a great weekend.


Stacey said...

I'm so glad you got some wintery weather.
I sure thinking spring. I'm tired of the cold wind blowing thru my bones!!!

Yolanda said...

Looks cold but the sheep seem to be warm . I hope you stay warm and safe.