Sunday, January 6, 2008

After the Storm

Last night brought rain and a sprinkling of snowflakes, but this morning was clear and beautiful, with just a tease of spring to the air. It was a wonderful morning to work on outside chores, and plenty there were.

Feeding was first on the list, as always. Being a good neighbor is just part of country life and Jordan was feeding cows today in addition to our family's own livestock collection. I pushed hay off the wagon while Jordan drove as carefully as any 17-year-old can through the rough feedground. There is only one calf so far. He is looking a little lonely and I would bet he would like a playmate his own age. Those old cows just don't get out and romp much anymore.

Sheep are a curious critter and tend to get into trouble because of it. One of the market lambs had a slight injury to his cheek. After treating it with a product called Red Kote, the poor guy looked as if a major catastrophe had occured. Red Kote is a spray-on medication and is extremely bright red. He probably would have healed up fine without it, but he would not have been as festive! We should be starting to lamb around the middle of February if everything goes as planned. The ewes are decidedly plumper than ever now.

Jordan is in the process of breaking his Clydesdale, Sebastian, and was able to put a headstall on him for the first time today. He may need several more days of becoming accustomed to the blinders before the bit goes in. Sebastian was intersted in licking the bit, but kept curling his lip, so obviously did not find it appetizing. It is an aquired taste, I have heard.
May the sun shine upon you. Thanks for stopping by the farm. Until next time - Happy Trails to you!


Paula said...

Sebastian is beautiful! I can't wait to meet him. Welcome to the blogging world. I love your site already.
"Happy Trails"? I hear Del Nose's voice ringing in my ears...

Stacey said...

Hey you are supposed to tell us when you start a blog!
It is great I will be checking it often!
Someday I might get brave enough to start one.

LEArning4Him said...

Love your blog, Susan. Makes me homesick for the farm.

Melissa said...

SUSAN!!! I am so excited that you started a blog! Sigh... makes me wish I was back in Oregon instead of California... I'll be marking your blog so I can check in whenever you write!!

Lucy said...

Welcome to blogland!!! You're pictures are wonderful of the farm. Thanks for sharing with us!

catieann said...

Hi Susan
i am catiean a blogging 'swap sister' of paula's and I love her dearly.
Welcome to the blogging world. I love your blog and am anxious to follow your life on an farm with your sheep and your sons.