Sunday, January 10, 2010

Catching Up

My sisters, Stacey and Paula, are so diligent at keeping up their blogs, while I plod along slowly. My sisters, you inspire me and I can only hope to one day come somewhere close to your awesome accomplishments! I think I can, I think I can . . . .

If you have not seen their blogs, pop on over and visit Stacey and Paula and enjoy as they are both excellent writers.

So many things take place here on the farm when time passes between posts and it becomes difficult to decide where to start, but here is a quick run down of several changes we have had. I will follow up with more in-depth posts on several of these changes.

Of course, the weather has turned from early fall to midwinter and we are currently in mud season.

Last spring we had fairly heavy lamb losses due to predators, both coyotes and cougar, so Jordan got a Great Pyrenees pup whose parents are proven livestock guard dogs in hopes that he can help reduce any further losses.

We lost our beloved Roxy dog on Thanksgiving and still miss her every day. She was an invaluable part of our family and the farm, and we will never be able to truly replace her.

We took several of our most friendly critters to our church's Living Nativity and found out some interesting background on my miniature donkey, Elmer. Turns out Elmer and I share a birthday!

Another sad event took place a couple of weeks ago when one of Jordan's fair lambs, Jumper, died of pregancy complications.

After having his feet trimmed recently, Roland, KP's little mustang went down in the barn and may have died if Jordan had not gone out to check on the horses when he did. I beleive he pulled back and went down, tightening the rope further, flipped to his back, then was unable to right himself as the halter and rope held tight. He is such a good common-sense horse it surprises me he let himself get into such a predicament, but am so grateful the outcome was positive. While he was a bit shaky afterward, he seems to have no lasting ill effects and is back to his old self.

Amongst these highlights, both sad and glad, are the usual happenings of new kittens, baby calves and the never-ending hunt for the hen's newest hiding places for their precious eggs!

Until next time, hope your happenings are more glad and less sad!


Stacey's Treasures said...

Thanks for catching us up on the happenings at pawly's.
So sad about Roxy. I bet you do miss her!

Mary said...

I know how much you must miss Roxy. We lost Meeko last January and still miss him a lot. He was a great dog...beautiful, even-tempered and loyal. We now have a Shepherd mix. Love your new puppy.

Glad to do a little catchup with you.


Melissa said...

I love your updates!! We miss you guys. I'm sorry about the sad things... but hopefully the good outweighs the bad!