Sunday, November 1, 2009

Home at Last

The ewes and lambs came back home on Friday after spending the summer on pasture. They seemed to be happy to be back and Jim, the old ram, was nearly beside himself to see his harem again.

The younger ram is a purebred Romney who is now getting to know the ewe lambs. He has a much sweeter nature than old Jim. We are looking forward to seeing what his lambs will look like next spring.
We spent a good portion of today working on fences and tagging the ewe lambs. I love the weather this time of year, clear and crisp, but warm during the day. Nothing short of glorious!

Until next time, may all of your homecomings be cause for celebration!


Anonymous said...

when we were in the sheep business in Umatilla County we called'em "bucks" not rams

Susan said...

Growing up in Union County, I heard both terms used. My grandpa, who worked for Cunningham Sheep back in the '40s sometime, also used 'bucks', as did my father-in-law in Wyoming. In addition, my father-in-law castrated lambs in the old Basque way, using his teeth. What a sight he was to behold after working a couple of hundred lambs!
I beleive I swithced over and began using the term 'ram' sometime during college and working with FFA and 4-H kids as I got tired of needing to explain myself.
Thanks for your comment which brought back so many memories!

Mary said...


The photos of the sheep are great. We always called male sheep rams.

Enjoyed the video of Jordan catching the salmon.

Enjoy your week.

Anonymous said... grandfather ran sheep up outta Pilot Rock-had 5000 ewes for awhile-We had a Cunningham outfit close to our place--once in awhile I'd have to go over there and get some of our strays...I used to do the "marking" (biting'em off)..I took over that job when the last Irishman didn't have the teeth for it anymore. I didnt mind. I had good teachers and I liked having the responsibility of it. In fact, I remember after doing a couple of hundred one morning then going to wash up for lunch--seeing my blood and mud stained face made me feel proud to be in such a business my family thrived at for so long in the Blue Mountain foothills.

Stacey's Treasures said...

How nice to have them home again!
Jim looks like a sweetie pie.