Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sebastian's Surgery

"Hey guys, whatcha doin'?"
Sebastian was very curious about this unfamiliar pickup with people getting out of it. Little did he know it was the vet and his crew coming to geld him. I wonder if he will be so friendly to strangers in the future?
What a gorgeous day we had for this surgery, reasonably warm with no wind, yaaay!
For anyone unfamiliar with horse terminology, to geld a horse means to castrate, or neuter, him. Unless you are set up to handle a stallion, male horses should be gelded. Stallions are unpredictable and can be hard to manage, so gelding them makes them much safer and easier to work with. Jordan aquired Sebastian last year and had no plans to use him as breeding stock, so planned to have him gelded from the start.

Jordan steadies Sebastian while Dr. Lincoln inserts the catheter for the anesthesia drip.

And down he goes. Dr. Lincoln steadies his head as Sebastian went to his knees, then over on his side. It was apparent that Sebastian was unsure what was happening and it was a little scary for him, but he was soon sleeping like a baby.

Jordan offers a soothing touch and comforting words as the anesthesia takes effect.

Dr. Rademacher gets down to business as Dr. Lincoln monitors vitals and Jordan holds a leg out of the way.

Joni takes over holding the leg for Jordan as Dr. Rademacher takes the time to explain part of the procedure to Jordan.

Jordan mentioned Sebastian seems to drool a lot, so his teeth were checked and floated as he had some sharp hooks on several of them. The guys took care of that little job while the anesthesia was still working. He should be able to chew better now.

And the big guy is back up! He is still pretty unsteady, but is attempting to creep closer to people for comfort. He especially wants to be as close as possible to Jordan. I am a little worried that he wants Jordan to hold him on his lap!

Oh, man, Jordan, just stop this world from spinning and I will do anything for you!

A big thanks goes out to the vet team who came out and took such good care of Sebastian, allowed me to take pictures, and who went over and above the call of duty to take the time to explain to Jordan what they were doing and why during every phase of this procedure.

Just in case anyone is wondering, Sebastian still loves all people just as much as he used to! He is much calmer now, though, and safer to work with. Jordan walked him quite a bit during that first week to help with swelling and soreness. Sebastian followed everywhere as meek as a puppy on a string.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing in our farm seasons. Until next time, be careful if the world starts spinning, who knows what might come next!!!


Jeni said...

Kind of funny in a way isn't it how the male of the species gets a bit unruly -just like men sometimes, huh?

LEArning4Him: Lea Family Homeschool said...

Thank you for sharing Sebastian's surgery. It gave me warm fuzzy feelings of home. What a beautiful horse.

Melissa said...

Jordan looks completely in his element!!! :D

Paula said...

Ah, poor Sebastian. I here that a bag of frozen pea's held on the surgical area is very soothing. (oh, maybe that's just in human men ~ LOL!)
Dr. Rademacher?? I remember a young lad from Pendleton FFA with that same last name. Can't remember his first name, but, BOY was he was a looker. Could it be????

Stacey's Treasures said...

How is Sabastion doing?
I hope he didn't crawl on Jordan's lap. That would hurt!
I've been trying to add you guys to my links & have been having trouble with that!